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U Bolts Manufacturers in India : U Bolts Specifications -

U-Bolts and Center Bolts

We at Kumar Steels manufacture a wide variety of bolts. There is a different types of bolt used for different needs. U Bolts are used with Nuts. Our U Bolts are available in different sizes, grades and shapes. Kumar Steels manufactures and exports high-quality industrial U Bolts.

Diameter: DIA-1/2" - 24"

We can also provide you with Centre Bolts as per your specifications.

u bolts and center bolts
parabolic springs


Kumar steels parabolic Leaf Springs are designed for the ultimate ride quality. Utilising new technology on an old design, the parabolic springs allow for a comfortable ride whether the vehicle is fully loaded or empty.

. Lighter – Less unsprung weight.

. Less Shock – Less shock load on the differential gears.

. Quieter – The leafs do not touch each other.

. Comfortable – With better articulation.

. Strong – Exceptional load carrying capability.


. Kumar Steels manufactures huge range of Multi leaf Springs used in commercial vehicles.

. Kumar Steels uses the latest manufacturing technology available to achieve the highest Quality Standards.

. Multi Leaf Spring is a stack of multiple leafs placed on top of each leaf.

. Kumar Steels manufactures Multi leaf Springs ranging from 3Kg to 200 Kg.

. Some of the common grades used in manufacturing of multi leaf spring are EN45A, EN 47,I.S. 65 SI 7, SUP 9, SUP11A and DIN 50 CR.

Multi leaf Spring
jack road


We here AT Kumar Steels manufacture and distribute a huge range of Jack Rods, which is developed using high grade steel and raw material. Our jack rods are made with high precision and accuracy making it apt to for any utility Jack rods are developed as per customers requirement and can be tailor made as per specification making it used widely in all the industrial as well as automotive requirements

Product Specification

Material grades used

- EN45,EN45A,EN47,EN48, EN48A, SUP6, SUP7, SUP9, SUP11

Number of leafs in a spring

- 1 TO 22 LEAFS

Leaf span

- 200 TO 2400 mm

Width of the leaf

- 40 TO 120 mm

Leaf thickness

- 5 TO 30 mm

Sheared length

- 100 TO 2300 mm

Inside eye diameter

- 12 TO 60 mm

Taper length (conventional)

- MAX 235 mm


- MAX 250 mm

Bulldozing/scragging load

- MAX 40000 kgs (88200LBS)

Testing load

- MAX 20000 kgs (44100LB